In a place like ours, i.e., Kamuli & Buyende, in eastern Uganda, a really impoverished remote rural region that stretches over 3,300 sq km, it is very hard to spot a single activity that is taking place to end extreme poverty, let alone as a result of the global fight against poverty.

The extreme poor, meanwhile, permanently live in these impoverished communities, and are therefore best placed to end extreme poverty, with continuity, if only they were at the helm.

Still, the world really insists that the world’s poor must instead sit and wait for the right people to come & move them from poverty. For this reason, humanity really is opposed to the idea of directly supporting the extreme poor, in the global south.

Today, only 1% of ALL the money that is intended to end global poverty, is what goes directly to the extreme poor in the global south.

To complicate it all, the people from the global development sector, who keep the other 99% of global antipoverty funding, and who could have been the ultimate allies of the poor, are instead the same people who will never ever work directly with the extreme poor on anything, unless when rolling out their own predetermined solutions.

The day humanity will find the courage to put aside its hidden fears about the world’s ultra poor, e.g. the fear that these people could be fraudsters, and thus start directly supporting the people who themselves live on < $1.9 a day in the global south, is the day global poverty will end.

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