For those of us who are directly battling the hardest forms of poverty in the global south, it is nearly impossible to escape extreme poverty under current approaches to ending global poverty.

The global development sector, or the global antipoverty movement, who could have been the ultimate allies of people like us, are instead a very distant, very separate group whom the ultra poor can only dream of befriending, or working together with on anything.

A totally different class of people whom you can use the kindest and the politest words to beg and beg, in a quest to get them to work together with you on extreme poverty, but who will still say no, contrary to what these people often tell the world.

And the problem is that humanity as a whole really believes these people are the ones the world’s poor must wait for, to move them from chronic poverty. 

For this reason, the world really is very opposed to the idea of directly supporting the extreme poor, in the global south. 

The day humanity will find the BALLS to put aside its hidden fears about the world’s ultra poor, e.g., the fear that these people could be fraudsters, and thus start directly supporting the people who themselves live on < $1.9 a day in the global south, is the day global poverty will end.

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