If humanity really wants to END global poverty once and for all, a poor people-led approach, or a bottom-up approach to ending extreme poverty, is the only thing that will ever end global poverty.

Poor people-led, grassroots change, is the only change that will ever last, long after every other goodwiller has left.

That means directly supporting the people at the very bottom of the pyramid, and putting the ultra poor directly at the helm.

But currently, only 1% of all Official Development Assistance (funding from agencies like USAID, UKAID etc), and an even smaller (i.e. < 1%) portion of humanitarian assistance (all charitable global antipoverty funding included), goes directly to the extreme poor in the global south.

To complicate it all, the people from the global development sector, who keep the other 99% of global antipoverty funding, and who could have been the ultimate allies of the poor, are instead the same people who will never ever work directly with the extreme poor on anything, unless when rolling out their own predetermined solutions.

But their own solutions only reach a few random poor communities. And as someone one said here, these solutions often turn out to be short-lived. 

This is what makes a final end to global extreme poverty a very chanceful, opportunistic process.

Author: Anthony

twitter.com/KaluluAnthony | web: https://ugandafarm.org/