In many of the poorest, remote rural areas of the world, like where I live, it is very hard to find a single activity that is taking place to end extreme poverty. Entire communities are always silent, people are destitute, with no trace of anything in place to end poverty.

The extreme poor, meanwhile, permanently live in there, and are therefore best placed to end extreme poverty, if only they were at the helm, or if they were accorded the means to take charge of events.

The bad news is:

Humanity really insists that the world’s ultra poor must instead sit and wait for the right people to come & move them from poverty. For this reason, the world really is opposed to the idea of directly supporting the extreme poor, in the global south.

Today, only 1% of ALL the money that is intended to end global poverty, is what goes directly to the extreme poor in the global south.

The other 99% only reaches the poor through very chanceful, trickle-down processes. However, with most rural poor communities dead silent all year round as mentioned above, with no single activity whatsoever taking place to end poverty, that 99% very rarely — if ever — reaches the extreme poor.

This is what makes a final end to global extreme poverty a very chanceful, opportunistic process.

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