Contribute A Rage

Are you one of those people who, like me, have seen enough of ultra poverty, and who feel enraged with the way humanity wants to keep people like us in chronic poverty, even as billions of $ are spent every year in the name of moving people like us from extreme poverty?

If so, send me your rage on anthony[AT], and I will post it. Be sure to include your name, and your country. If you wish to rage anonymously, I will only mention your country in the post.


1). Any person anywhere in the world can contribute a rage, but priority will be given to those people who are themselves either based directly in a very impoverished community in the global south, or who [just like me] are still teetering on the edge of chronic poverty even right now.

2). Make sure your rage is actually a rage, not an elitist ideology on ending global poverty. These ones do not work, and have only helped keep people like us on the sidelines.

3). Keep it short. Except in a few cases where I am trying to make an interrelated point, my own rages are usually only a few lines long.