What Humanity Can Do Now

#1. In the long-term:

Flip the other 99% of global antipoverty funding directly to the people who live on <$1.9/day in the global south. That figure currently stands at only 1%.

No amount of money will be enough to end global extreme poverty, when the actual progress being made is, in reality, the result of only 1% of all global antipoverty funding. 

This is especially true because the people from the global development sector, who keep the other 99% of global antipoverty funding, and who could have been the ultimate allies of the poor, are instead the same people who will never ever work directly with the extreme poor in any way, unless when rolling out their own predetermined solutions.

And regardless of whether these people actually work with the poor or not, the fact remains that their own solutions only reach a few random poor communities, and are almost always guaranteed to be short-lived.

So, if the money that humanity currently spends on ending global poverty is truly intended to move the ultra poor from extreme poverty, then please flip at least 99% of it directly to the people at the very bottom of the pyramid.

If that is too much to ask, at least let humanity simply become a creation that is easily available, and easily accessible, to the world’s extreme poor, e.g. only as connectors, or as people who are open to lending the extreme poor a voice.

If that too is asking too much, the alternative means we will have to be stuck with a world where the only connection between humanity and the world’s ultra poor is a) when the ultra poor receive their 1% share of global antipoverty funding, or b) when the global development sector rolls out its own solutions, in a few random poor communities.


#2. In the short-term:

Afford me the privilege to live poverty-free by 2030.

As mentioned earlier, in 2015, when the UN Global Goals came, I was still a total wretch, unable to even get what to eat, and things had been that way for me since my years of childhood.

But the reason I chose not to sit back, is the understanding that nearly every household in my region lives in extreme poverty.

I also thought the coming of the Global Goals in 2015 somehow meant a poverty-free world was now possible, and that people like us were now in the company of the rest of humanity.

So, I have spent the last 7 years with only one goal: using the period 2015 – 2030 both to turn my own life around, and to contribute to a lasting, self sustainable path from poverty in my region. 

My goal was to ensure that, come 2030, things shouldn’t really be the same. And clearly, that is still my goal even today.

I wouldn’t want to be trapped in the same life of hunger and chronic poverty even in 2030, and I wouldn’t want to sit and watch the cycle of poverty in my region go unchanged even ten years later.

So, one thing humanity as a species can do right now, is to afford me the privilege to realize this goal, by helping me create only one lasting solution to stem the ever-spiraling grip of poverty in my region.

I have described that solution in more detail both in this fundraiser, and in a campaign where I was asking Gen Z to lend me a voice.

I have also described that solution on my nonprofit website.

As shown on all the above links, $15m is what I am seeking for this solution, at minimum. 

Nonetheless, given:

a) the scale of poverty in our region, and b) the fact that my project shall be required to provide our target rural poor farmers with direct material support (considering their social-economic status) to enable them participate in this work successfully, $45m is what will do the best work.

I have described in more detail what I would do differently, if humanity could help me raise $45m for this solution, here.

There is also an abridged description of the same here.

In short, one thing humanity as whole can do in the short-term, is to help me raise $15m at minimum, but ideally $45m, to enable me reign in the yoke of poverty in my region by 2030.

Looking for specific ways you could help? 

See the “support us” page on the UCF website.

Or visit my current fundraiser, and see the phrase ‘How You Can Help’.