Who Is Doing The Raging?


My name is Anthony, a farmer here in Namisita, a village in a remote part of Kamuli, in eastern Uganda.

I come from a very screwed background, and have had my own share of chronic poverty, but the reason I have chosen not to sit back, is the fact that nearly every household in my region lives in extreme poverty. 

Amidst this mess, though, I feel very hopeless to understand that the global development sector, or the global antipoverty movement, who could have been the ultimate allies of people like us, are instead the same ones who will never ever work directly with the extreme poor on anything, unless when rolling out their own predetermined solutions.

And the problem is that humanity as a whole really believes this is the only way to go. That’s, humanity really believes the best way to end global poverty, is for the world’s ultra poor to sit and wait for the right people (i.e., those from the development sector) to come and move them from poverty. For this reason, humanity really is very opposed to the idea of directly supporting the extreme poor in the global south.

As someone who has been in the crosshairs of ultra poverty my whole life, and as someone who has seen countless antipoverty interventions come and go, I firmly believe the only way global poverty can end, is by putting the ultra poor, i.e., the people who themselves live on less than $1.9 a day in the global south, directly at the helm of ending poverty.

I have previously written about the things that I am raging about right now, in The Guardian. You can read my Guardian articles here and here.

I am also founder of the UCF, a nonprofit social enterprise that aims to end extreme poverty. If you haven’t already, see my own story here.


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