Why I place the blame on humanity as a whole:

By deciding that supporting the global antipoverty elite, rather than the ultra poor themselves, is the best thing to do, humanity as a creation is directly complicit in disenfranchising those of us at the very bottom of the pyramid, and is directly responsible for making a final end to global extreme poverty a very chanceful, unpredictable process.

The whole idea of supporting “the world’s most effective charities” , or “only well-vetted charities”, which in reality only means supporting big western charities, is the very reason the world’s extreme poor are where they are today. 

Because, it is exactly what keeps 99% of ALL global antipoverty funding away from the ultra poor, while keeping it in the hands of people who barely work with the poor, or at best, whose work is only present in very, very few random poor communities, and which work (as one American writer says here) tends to be very short-lived.

People’s livelihoods only keep getting harder, regardless of what the world is talking in New York or in Davos, and regardless of how much is being expended on ending extreme poverty.

Young people from my country are flocking to the Middle East (Saudi, UAE etc), only to find life even more unbearable, and only to come back in caskets, because of crippling poverty and unemployment back home.

And my region, Kamuli & Buyende, is perhaps the most miserable, and the most impoverished place there is.

This could really change, and global poverty surely would end for once, if humanity directly supported the people who live in chronic poverty.